Chemical Reactors


Teknokon Makina performs mechanical design, material supply, manufacturing and testing of jacketed, coil heated or cooled mixing tanks and chemical reactors with agitators which are to be used in chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and similar industries in accordance with ASME / ANSI and EN / DIN standards.

Our fabrication scope for chemical reactors and mixing tanks includes:
  • Jacketed or heating / cooling coil mounted
  • Agitator
  • Mechanical Seal or Stuffing Box
  • Ex-Proof / IP Motor
  • Insulation
  • Surface Polishing and Special Treatment
  • Rotation Control by Frequency Converter or Mechanical Gear Box

Teknokon Makina supplies all of the above-mentioned scope regarding chemical reactors and mixing tanks that are fabricated by us. Moreover, items such as agitator and motor that are free-issued by the client can be installed by Teknokon Makina.

General information regarding chemical reactors:
The type of process equipment where chemical processes take place is widely known as chemical reactors. Here are a few examples for subject chemical processes:
  • Crystallization
  • Extraction
  • Distillation
  • Mixing
  • Dissolution

In food and beverage industry, chemical reactors are usually referred to as mixing tanks or blending tanks.

Chemical reactors are manufactured in various sizes and made of materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel.

Chemical reactors consist of reactor body (including the nozzles), agitator and motor which convert electricity to mechanical energy, heating / cooling coil / jacket which heats up or cools down the reaction mixture and isolation.

Loading of raw material and unloading of products are done via the nozzles. Products in gaseous form are unloaded from the nozzles on the top, while products in liquid form are unloaded from the nozzles at the bottom of the chemical reactor vessel.

Heating and cooling coils which are responsible of keeping the reaction mixture heated or cooled, respectively; are manufactured by bending pipes or steel plates at our Dilovası fabrication plant.

As Teknokon Makina, we manufacture chemical reactors that are requested by the industry, which are made of stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic material for over 28 years.