Environmental Management

​Teknokon Makina works in line with the relevant laws and regulations in all its fields of activity and focuses on environmental awareness.
​​Our goal as Teknokon Makina is to sustain our processes without harming the environment. Teknokon Makina, which has ISO 14001 Environmental Management certificate, ensures the efficient and rational use of resources by minimizing the internal and external factors that affect the environmental pollution. Innovations in the field of recycling are also implemented in our processes with close follow-up of developing technology.
Training is essential to create environmental awareness. Accordingly, the main environmental policies of our company include organization and support of internal and external training programs and environmental awareness.
Teknokon Makina has a continuous development strategy for environmental awareness with the close follow-up and application of recycling technologies together with a continuous training philosophy while demonstrating an approach that is in line with the relevant laws and regulations in all fields of its activity and that also prioritizes environmental awareness.