​Teknokon Makina has been founded in Istanbul in 1993, by a team of four professionals, who previously managed several projects for oil & gas, energy, chemical and food sectors.
Growing in a short period of time with its domestic and international projects in its fields of activity, Teknokon Makina has been active in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in the beginning of 2000 and has undertaken & successfully completed its first foreign project in Georgia. Teknokon Russia branch was established in 2005 and many medium & large scale power plants and industrial plants have been completed within the Russian Federation.
In the beginning of 2000s, Teknokon continued its development in the field of equipment fabrication. Together with competitive prices, world-class quality and customer-oriented approach, so far Teknokon has exported thousands of equipment to 60 countries all around the world.
In line with the strategic decision taken in 2011, Teknokon Makina started a restructuring process with the aim of becoming a company serving in all processes of industrial plant installation. In this context, process equipment fabrication started to be executed by Teknokon Makina, other industrial contracting activities by Teknokon Endüstri, Teknomont, Teknopur, Teknokon Servis & Bakım and the administrative operations by Teknokon Group Management.