Special Process Equipment


​As a process equipment manufacturer, Teknokon Makina, with its engineering and fabrication experience of 27 years, carries out mechanical design, material supply, fabrication and testing services for various special process equipment which are used in refineries, on-shore / off-shore fuel facilities, petrochemical complexes, chemical, food, mining industry and other industrial plants.

Teknokon Makina, on top of its global experience in fabrication of stainless steel process equipment, also manufactures carbon steel and alloy steel process equipment in its fabrication plant.

Some of the special-purpose equipment that are fabricated are;
  • Granulators
  • Converters
  • Crystallizers
  • Thickeners
  • Scrubbers
  • Drums
  • Towers
  • Bag Filters
  • Chambers
  • Fluid Bed Dryers / Coolers
  • Marine Scrubber

The stainless steel process equipment that we have manufactured so far successfully perform their functions in food, beverage, mining, refinery, chemical, acid facilities and even on ships in 6 different continents of the world.

Teknokon Makina’s design department provides mechanical design for the special process equipment including code calculations, drafting, and nesting plans. Mechanical design is carried out using well known design software programs such as PV Elite, Visual Vessel Design, Codeware Compress and WinSchell.

If required, FEA analysis is also performed for a wide scope from analysis of lifting lugs or transport supports to thermal/pressure cycle analysis coupled with fatigue analysis.

We can also provide rubber lining, internal coating, supply and assembly of internals, ladders & platforms, if required. Also the acid passivation of the fabricated stainless steel process equipment is performed within our fabrication plant.

We can fabricate and deliver special process equipment up to 200 tons in single piece from our fabrication plant. For heavier equipment, we perform the final assembly at the port area of the sections that are prefabricated in our fabrication plant.
The fabricated special process equipment are packaged in accordance with project requirements and the method of shipment to endure the transport conditions until they reach the installation site.