Modular Skids


​Teknokon Makina is specialized in mechanical design, material supply, fabrication and testing of modular skids for on-shore and off-shore applications. The main purpose of modular skid type systems is to speed up and minimize the site installation works by having the fabrication and assembly performed in the factory environment where highly qualified personnel are always present. While the quality of the work done with this method is improved, the rapid completion of the project makes a great contribution to the return of the investment.

Some typical applications using modular skid units fabricated by Teknokon Makina include:
  • Air Separation Systems
  • Marker Injection Systems for petroleum and its derivatives
  • Additive Injection Systems
  • In-line Dosing and Mixing Units
  • Flow Measuring Units
  • Liquid Conditioning Packages
  • Water Treatment Units
  • Filtering Units
  • Test Units
The above units have a compact structure which essentially consists of a base plate or frame onto which equipment, pipe work and instruments are mounted. Teknokon Makina also undertakes electrical and instrumentation works together with mechanical installation works for these modular skid units.