Heat Exchangers


Teknokon Makina provides mechanical design, material supply, fabrication (including orbital welding & tube expansion) and testing services for Shell & Tube type Heat Exchangers in accordance with the following standards based on the thermal design provided by the customers.
  • TEMA
  • ASME Sec VIII Div.1
  • EN 13445

Heat exchangers perform the heat transfer (heating and cooling) between two or more fluids. These fluids can either be liquid or gas, separated by a stationary wall.

There are 3 main categories for heat exchangers:
  1. Double pipe heat exchangers: These heat exchangers are the simplest form of heat exchangers. They consist of one inner tube and and one outer tube that share the same axis. Due to their low efficiency and high space allocation, they are being replaced with more efficient counterparts, namely shell and tube type heat exchangers.
  2. Shell and tube type heat exchangers: They consist of a shell, a tubesheet which physically prevent from two fluids from mixing together, a bundle of tubes that contains the fluid which is going to be heated up or cooled down, and baffles which support the tubes and maximize the turbulence on the shell side.
  3. Plate heat exchangers: They consist of a bundle of heat transfer plates which are placed outside of the tubes, gaskets that will keep the heat transfer plates apart, creating a space where the fluid (most commonly air) flows through, cooling the fluid that flows inside the pipes.

As a globally experienced heat exchanger manufacturer, Teknokon Makina fabricates heat exchangers mainly made of stainless steel and also carbon steel shell, and Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel or Titanium tubes.

Heat exchangers fabricated by Teknokon Makina are serving in Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Petrochemicals, Energy, Oil & Gas sectors in 6 continents.

Teknokon Makina carries out the fabrication of heat exchangers in its own fabrication plant located in Dilovası which has 10,000 m2 covered shop area and is also equipped with CNC cutting machines, plate rolling & bending machines, welding machines used for welding techniques such as TIG, MAG, PAW, SAW, SMAW, orbital welding and other modern manufacturing & testing equipment.